Three minutes to learn about Synallage: a one-stop solution for traders on DEX

Synallage is a decentralized, full business chain DEX trading platform that provides traders with the same functionality as CEX, allowing traders to migrate to the world of DeFi with 0 learning costs.

The current cryptocurrency bull market was first ignited last year by the emergence of uniswap, though behind the hot DEX track, the market was also quick to identify the bottlenecks and drawbacks faced by such elegant AMM algorithms, from slippage to LP infrequent losses to capital inefficiencies.Several DEX track leaders have made optimizations for the AMM algorithm, such as the constant weighted geometric mean function with dynamic weights proposed by Bancor: the virtual balance-limited set path proposed by Mooniswap, but have never been able to solve this impossible triangle problem.The major DEX are using mining to motivate people to make markets, and without the incentive of mining AMM will become useless, and Synallage is holding the simple logic that can solve several pain points of the DEX market, and bring a new set of near-complete functionality of the DEX platform to the market.

What is Synallage?

Synallage is a decentralized full business chain next-generation trading platform driven by PMM algorithm, focusing on small transactions in the service market.whose main purpose is to provide users of traditional centralized exchanges with an easy-to-use DEX solution for accessing the DeFi world.Allowing them to migrate their assets and major trading venues to the DeFi world with 0 learning costs and enjoy the DeFi dividend.

Synallage V1 will support running on OEC, Ether, xDAI, and in the future, high performance public chains such as BSC, HECO, Polygon, etc.Its core features include spot trading with support for limit orders and K-lines, unlicensed perpetual contracts with up to 20x leverage, and a synthetic asset trading marketplace with links to dozens of countries around the world for foreign exchange, stocks and commodities.Enabling ‘trading everything’ except crypto assets and their derivatives trading, bringing mainstream traders into the DeFi world at scale through a more flexible and pragmatic approach.

With Synallage’s easy-to-use front-end and its tools, users can conveniently trade, manage their positions, short an emerging token, trade national stocks, and more.In the future, financial products such as NFT liquidity solutions and European-style options will be launched. As a web-based DAPP, it can replace a lot of mobile-centric exchanges now.

Advantages of Synallage

Synallage is built on top of high-performance public chains like Ether and OEC, enabling DEX for complex exposures and taking DeFi to the next level.Its advanced PMM algorithm + order book model will improve the DeFi trader experience and make the DeFi world as accessible as products in traditional financial markets. The following are Synallage’s first features in its class of DEX products:

1:Limit orders. This is a feature that almost every CEX has but DEX is generally missing. Now users can experience setting limit orders on Synallage’s DEX platform.

2: Detailed real-time data analysis: While DEX products usually provide users with little detail, Synallage provides users with real-time data on actual order depth, transfer liquidity and other information on the liquidity pool by directly plugging into different DeFi protocols, helping users to access real-time information for efficient capital management and yield analysis.

3: License-free perpetual contracts: Often a good emerging product’s coin can only be purchased in spot on a centralized exchange, which means it can only be long. With Synallage’s license-free on-chain perpetual contracts, you can short any coin that is added to the pool and provide up to 20x leverage, enabling financial scalability.

4:Advanced Algorithm: Unlike most AMM exchanges, Synallage uses a PMM + traditional order book liquidity solution. PMM is a broad AMM that will dramatically improve the efficiency of capital utilization and reduce impermanent losses and slippage problems, while supporting unilateral liquidity injection.

5:Nearly perfect front-end design: Synallage’s front-end design and its close to the centralized exchanges people often use, easy to use and simplify the complex financial terms, coupled with a perfect English and Chinese experience, so that traditional exchange users can migrate to Synallage at 0 cost, so as to access the whole huge DeFi world and get back their wallets of “sense of security”.

6:Aggregators: Aggregators are often considered a separate track, but Synallage believes it is not black and white and that if there is a free pool of liquidity available externally, it should be made available to users as an exchange, thus accessing the entire ocean of DeFi liquidity.

Team and Investment Background

Anton Li, the founder of Synallage, is a 20-something guy with a master’s degree in computer science from Moscow State University who used to be in charge of back-end testing at ByteBeat. Without the exaggerated development background of other teams, he is just a Chinese developer who loves the crypto field and taught himself to develop. He has been in the crypto field since college and saw the appeal of DeFi with the explosion of Uni in 2020.

Platform Governance Token SYN

Synallage has launched a native governance token SYN with a total token issue of 1 billion, holding SYN with proposal and governance rights, in addition users can also use SYN tokens to mint vSYN membership credentials to enjoy fee dividends and future shares of the platform IDO, etc. The team enjoys a 15.5% share of SYN, which will be locked for one year and unlocked linearly for one year in the following year.

Development Roadmap

I: Synallage will go live with v1 and deploy to the Ether and OEC main networks in mid-June

II:In July, it will cooperate with WOO and other professional institutions to make a market and carry out multi-chain deployment

III:The V2 version will be online by September, in V2 version will be introduced more perfect function service trader

IV:The authority will be gradually transferred to the platform DAO in October

V:During this period, we will also promote large-scale activities such as the Great Asset Migration and the Inclusive Action at the same time.

As stated by Synallage officials, the above roadmap is the most conservative plan for the rest of the year, and other new feature additions and upgrades will be added flexibly as clear needs arise.



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